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Mindfulness In the Workplace


Full Day Workshops for Health Workers 

There are many kinds of medicine, but most medicine only eases the suffering in our bodies and minds temporarily. It doesn’t heal the source of our illness. Mindfulness, however, is a truly healing balm that can help put an end to our sense of alienation and help us heal both ourselves and our planet…our physical and mental sicknesses will be cured and we will have wellbeing in body and spirit.

Thich Nhat Hanh

There is an emerging body of scientific evidence developing through fields of neuroscience, molecular biology, psychiatry, medicine and psychology that parallel traditional wisdom practices of healing.

While many ancient indigenous wisdom traditions recognise the importance of healing through balancing social, emotional, physical and inner wellbeing, science increasingly supports the notion that our western medical paradigm can benefit from the integration of traditional practices.

This workshop integrates evidence-based western, eastern and traditional healing practices through a secular framework of mindfulness and yoga to address the effects of trauma and encourage the coming together of a common humanity.


Health workers interacting with people experiencing the effects of trauma.


Introduction and background:

  • Trauma and the impact on health and wellbeing
  • Mindfulness and Yoga in medicine and healthcare
  • Research
  • Practice
  • Enhancing the therapeutic relationship
  • Embodying mindfulness and the importance of authenticity through training and practice.
  • Cultivating compassion: the benefit that flows to clinician self-care


  • Development of practical strategies for working with clients.
  • Skills training for enhancing outcome.
  • Development of skills for cultivating compassion and preventing clinician burnout.
  • Awareness of clinical pathways for further professional development.


COST:       $295.00 (minimum of 10 people)


COST:      $ 495.00 (minimum of 10 people)

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